​Improved strength, mobility, and fitness

Complete Fitness 50-Minute Program: 

Our Most Popular Program

Includes a combination of our services individualized to optimize your pet's wellness. May include some or all of the following: Stance Analysis, Therapeutic Massage & Stretch, Underwater Treadmill & Floor Exercises, a customized Home Exercise Program, . *(Does not include Initial Consultation)

One Session: $65          Package of 5 Sessions: $325      Package of 10 Sessions: $500 

Stance Analysis & Weigh-In.  Your complete fitness program starts with a stance analysis. Our computerized stance analyzer can pick up subtle imbalances as well as subtle improvements in how your pet carries his weight. With regular visits, the stance analysis will graph your pet's improvement over time or catch issues early on that your veterinarian and rehabilitation specialists can quickly address.

Therapeutic Massage & Stretching. Therapeutic massage helps warm-up and relax muscles to prepare them for safe exercise. A few of the massage modalities used include Tellington Touch, Indian champissage, Swedish strokes, Tuina Chinese meridian strokes, myofascial release, and stress point and trigger point massage. Careful stretching is added to the massage session to prepare the body and optimize the exercise portion of your pet's individualized fitness program

Floor Exercises.  Floor exercises are tailored made to work on your pet's physical fitness by focusing on range of motion, balance, proprioception, gait, strengthening, core development.  To keep your pet interested, we use all kinds of equipment and toys to challenge muscles and make exercise fun.  Balance boards, tunnels, cavalettis, wobble boards, inclines, therapy bands, trampolines, ramps, therapy balls and peanuts are often used in a fitness program. The pets love it!

Underwater Treadmill.  Most pets, even cats, enjoy the underwater treadmill, although it may take a little bit of getting used to for some.  Our underwater treadmill is top of the line and has such features as heated water, resistance jets, adjustable incline and variable speeds.  Senior and geriatric pets will benefit from the warm water, buoyancy, and reduced impact on sore joints.  This can aid in maintaining muscle mass and mobility while improving gait and comfort.  Athletic and competition dogs also benefit from the underwater treadmill. By adding resistance jets, raised incline, and variable speeds, the athletic dog can get that extra boost in his strengthening and conditioning regime.  

BONUS Home Exercise Package (HEP).  As an added bonus, we will create a customized Home Exercise Package (HEP) to support you and your pet in continued fitness between visits.  This package valued at $75 includes "how to" instructions, videos, and pictures, as well as a super app and daily checklists to keep you and your pet on track. HEPs focus on the same elements of your complete fitness program with simple massage strokes and exercises that you can do at home.