Friday Home Visits

If driving to our office doesn't work for you, we can schedule you a home visit.  Home visits are available for all our services except exercise or stance analysis.  Fridays are our home visit days, but if Fridays are not an option for you, we will try and find you another appointment time when possible.

Additional $50 per session and $0.50 per mile traveling fee

Massage and Stretch Program (Small Animal)

*(Does not include Initial Consultation)

​up to 30 minutes: $40     Package of 5 Sessions: $175     Package of 10 Sessions: $300

up to 50 minutes  $65     Package of 5 Sessions: $325     Package of 10 Sessions: $500

Complete Fitness 50-Minute Program

Includes a combination of our services individualized to optimize your pet's wellness. May include some or all of the following: Stance Analysis, Therapeutic Massage & Stretch, Underwater Treadmill & Floor Exercises, and a Customized Home Exercise Program. *(Does not include Initial Consultation)

One Session: $65          Package of 5 Sessions: $325      Package of 10 Sessions: $500  



New Client Initial Consultation

All new pet clients will be required to have an Initial Consultation. A thorough Initial Consultation is necessary to ensure the safest and best way to support your pet's ultimate fitness. It is also an excellent way for us to keep track of your pet's improvement over time.  A New Client Initial Consultation will take about one to one and a half hours to complete. 

New Client Initial Consultation: $75

25% discount and free Initial Consultation: That's right! receive  25% off your first session and a free consultation when you turn in our nutrition, exercise and massage release form. The release form can be easily filled in, signed, and submitted by your veterinarian within just a few minutes.  To access the release form, have your veterinarian click on the "form" tab on the menu at the top of this website. Release must be turned in prior to first session.


Balanced Nutrition Program 

What should I feed my pet? Homemade? Canned? Kibble?  Coconut oil or canola oil?  Raw or cooked?  Grain-free? There is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to nutrition.  What exactly does a pet need to have a balanced diet?  Pet owners who want their pet to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy a balanced diet will love TheraPaws's Balanced Nutrition Program. Includes a nutrition assessment, stance analysis, feeding tips and tricks, and one follow-up session to fine tune your program and answer questions.*(Does not include Initial Consultation)

Balanced Nutrition Program: $75

Waist Watchers Program (for those that need to shed a bit more than fur): additional $10/month.

Home Exercise Program

TheraPaws will design a complete program that you can do at home with your pet. Includes "how to" instructions, videos, and pictures, as well as a super app and daily checklists to keep you and your pet on track. Your pet's customized program focuses on massage, stretching, conditioning, strengthening, mobility, balance & coordination. This program also includes one follow-up session to fine tune your program and answer any questions you may have. *(Does not include Initial Consultation)

$75 per program

​Improved strength, mobility, and fitness

How about your pet?


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